Vanessa Smith

archaeologist / photographer

Frustrated with your photography? Can’t quite get the images you need for your report? Artifacts can be tricky things - let me help.

My work merges my training and interest in archaeology and material culture with my photography background. I can work with your collection to represent the artifacts accurately and clearly, bringing out important diagnostic attributes or ornamentation - the date on a coin, the marker’s mark, the worked edge of a lithic tool.

  • familiar with best practices for packing, handling, and photographing archaeological artifacts, including conserved and mended pieces.
  • able to photograph materials at my home studio or, in many cases, work on site with portable equipment.

I assess fees on a project by project basis, factoring in the number of pieces, level of difficulty/complexity, travel time, etc. Detailed photo logs and image post-processing work are included in my fees.

For additional details about my archaeological and photographic experience, please see my Linkedin profile:

BFA (concentration on Photography, minor in Art History) NSCAD (Halifax, NS)
BA (Anthropology, Honours) Saint Mary’s University (Halifax, NS)
MLitt (Archaeological Studies, with Distinction) University of Glasgow (Glasgow, Scotland)